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History of Advanced Driving

Recognising that the majority of accidents are caused by driver error, IAM RoadSmart (at the time called The Institute of Advanced Motorists) introduced the Advanced Driving Test in 1956 with the specific objective of significantly improving driving standards. By 1976 the number of motorcyclists in the UK had risen dramatically, so the IAM RoadSmart launched the Advanced Motorcycling Test to cater for those road users too.

The tests use the principles of advanced driving, pioneered and applied with great success by the Metropolitan Police, and are accredited by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). All tests are taken by IAM RoadSmart Examiners who hold a Police Advanced Driving Certificate and have extensive experience working with Police Services throughout the UK.

The tests are not exclusively about safety, but to encourage the driver or rider to feel more confident on the road and to get greater enjoyment from the experience.

To date, over 400,000 people have taken IAM RoadSmart's Advanced Test with an average pass rate of around 75%.

About the Advanced Driving Test

The Advanced Driving Test lasts for about 90 minutes and usually covers between 30/40 miles along a variety of road types - including city and country driving, dual carriageways and motorways (if available).

During the test the Examiner will thoroughly assess your driving ability according to the different road conditions. While on the test you will negotiate hazards and situations, utilising the skills and techniques that have been developed while undergoing the advanced driving course. Your Examiner will be looking for confident, safe driving, using optimum road positioning and excellent observation, to safely deal with unpredictable roads.

The main criteria for passing the test is to display a consistent, solid driving/riding performance in all road situations, rather than excelling in one specific situation.

The Advanced Driving Test is not easy but is within the reach of all drivers and riders given the right guidance - with many applicants commenting on how much they enjoyed the drive or ride

For information on preparing for the IAM RoadSmart driving test, please click here.

Member Benefits

As a member of IAM RoadSmart you are also entitled to a great range of especially negotiated benefits and exclusive offers to help you get the most from your driving or motorcycling, with the highlights being:

Insurance benefits: IAM Surety is a unique car insurance policy for our members. The scheme was voted the UK’s number 1 for value for money in the Auto Express Driver Power survey 2012. This survey also mentions that 93% of members will save if they switch from a rival.

But thats not all...

In addition to big savings, IAM Roadsmart membership also offers you:

An award winning members' magazine, Advanced Driving, three times a year, full of news, views, updates and offers for the motoring and biking enthusiast.

Access to several Skills Days held during the year, at specially negotiated rates. These popular and challenging events are a great opportunity to learn new techniques on and off-road and share your passion for driving and riding with fellow enthusiasts.

When you have passed the advanced test, you will be able to display the IAM RoadSmart roundel badge of achievement.

The above information is courtesy of IAM RoadSmart


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