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Useful Links

The following websites contain useful and interesting information (note all links will open in a new window):

IAM RoadSmart (
The IAM RoadSmart website holds details of the Advanced test, benefits, history of the IAM RoadSmart, news releases and advanced driving tips.
The Highway Code (
Electronic version of the Highway Code hosted by her Majesty's Stationery Office. Appears to have broken down the Highway Code into nice sub sections.
Legal Driving Advice (
Advice on topics such as driving licenses, MOTs, car tax, and much more. Hosted by the UK Government, this site is the definitive for legal requirements for drivers and vehicle owners.
Know your Traffic Signs (
A downloadable version of the Government's Know Your traffic Signs. this is a comprehensive set of UK traffic signs, containing many more road signs than the highway Code.
Crash Simulator (seat belts)(
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the crash simulator. You can choose the type of car, speed, number of passengers, where they are sitting and whether they are wearing seat belts or not. It then shows you the likely results. Well worth looking at.

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