What We Do

We will help you reach the driving standard required to take and pass the Advanced Driving Test, using our trained Observers.

Before you make a decision about joining us, you can come and have a FREE Taster drive at one of our Sunday Free Taster Sessions. You will drive for about half an hour with one of our Observers watching your driving. At the end of the drive your observer will discuss your driving and give you some helpful advice. You can still do this even if you have points on your licence. Click here to book your free taster drive.

You can then join the Northampton Advanced Motorist Group as an ‘Associate’ Member via IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course.

This will give you to:

  • Monthly observed drives of approximately 1 hour, at the Sunday checkdrives (1st Sunday in the month, Northamptonshire Police HQ, (main drive), opposite Wootton Park School, Wootton Hall, Northampton, NN4 0JQ 09:30-11:00).
  • Allocation to an indivdual Observer so you can have observed drives during the month at mututally onvenient times (the 1-2-1 scheme).
  • A classroom session designed to cover the fundamentals of advanced driving. Normally held at Northamptonshire Police HQ, Wootton Hall, Northampton, NN4 0JQ, these sessions are completely free, and will last approximately 3½ hours.
  • A demonstration drive will give you an opportunity to see advanced driving in practice. The drive is undertaken with two vehicles (three Associates to a car). The driver of the lead vehicle will commentate on their own driving whilst the driver of the following vehicle commentates on the position, speed of the lead vehicle. The vehicles swop roles duing the drive to allow you to gain the most from this. The demonstration drive is always undertaken immediately following the classroom session and is included in the 3½ hours.
  • Once you are ready for your test, you will be taken on a mock test by one of the senior observers, after which you can apply for the Test.
  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter and monthly news bulletins that keep you informed of the Group’s activities, law changes, members who pass their test plus lots more.

Sunday Morning Check-drive and Taster Sessions

These normally take place on the first Sunday of each month at Northamptonshire Police HQ, (main drive), opposite Wootton Park School, Wootton Hall, Northampton, NN4 0JQ. On checking in you will be allocated an observer who will then take you out on your observed drive. You will receive a series of these sessions, usually one each month, until your driving has reached the required standard in order for you to pass the IAM driving test.

The sessions start at 09:30 a.m, see events for the dates and below for a map of the venue. Appointments for check and Taster drives can be arranged through the Associates Officer, email Ian Phillips, phone 07967 651820, or our Taster drive booking form

1-2-1 Scheme

The Group’s primary driver training method is the one-to-one scheme, where an associate member is paired with an observer. Observed drives can then take place at mutually convenient times, for example on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. This scheme provides consistency as your observer will take you for all your observed drives until you reach test standard. It also offers the opportunity to consolidate your training into a shorter timespan. There is no reason why you cannot continue to attend the Sunday session to take a checkdrive with another observer or to seek advice from other group members. For further information please email Alan Brown, phone 07803 129442.


Where we Meet